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The pioneer of construction consulting services!!! So, Buneyad.com is the one stop solution of real estate, offering a vast range of dedicated real estate management consultant services through strategically planned buying, selling and investment choices to our valued clients. Because we love to cater you in every way. So, we never left you in vain. Either you need a property or construction consulting services, need an architect, builder/building services engineering or construction material we provide you all in shape of property management consulting services.

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We prioritize to aspire to inspire the construction industry in a way that no chaos on quality and design left to talk. Therefore, delivering the top-notch property management consulting services.

Property Consultancy

No matter what, if you are an investor or a simple buyer looking for a home. We serve you. Because we are providing the platform for a safe investment opportunities with our real estate management consultant service.


Whether you want a construction consulting services or property management consulting services. We are catering all in a best way. So, feel no hesitation in contacting us at any time. Because we delivering the quality construction services.


Buneyad.com is online service provider in real estate management consultant industry. From design to building services engineering, we got you covered. However, we among best construction project management companies.

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Buneyad.com is not just a one place station, real estate management consultant, but we have branches at several cities. Because we strive to implement the innovation of technologies and the aspiring hard work of our workers in projects. Moreover, we aim to not just to construct the buildings but to bridge the gap of client and engineering professionals. So, if you need to connect with us, visit our website and contact us for getting the best engineers, architects, developers and designers, all under one umbrella. Delivering the best property management consulting services & building services engineering.

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Delivering the dynamic destination place to our clients through a proper property management consulting services. Moreover, we ensure to assure you the brilliant building services engineering to provide the desire dream place. 

Service - From consultation to the final design and building it, real estate management consultant remain intact

Construction Consultation

Service - Recreating and reshaping your old place into a new dynamic version of the new times

House Renovation

Service - Standing in first place at construction project management companies, due to a reason. As we

Architecture & Building

Service - Promise to deliver the design of your taste and theme of your place. No more

Interior Design

Service - Brilliant enough to build the brilliance. Not just promising but fulfilling the dreams into reality

Building Engineering

Service - Strategically planning and critically implementations, is what we have the command. That’s the reason we

Preconstruction Planning


If you looking for building services engineering that can truly change the outlook of the building structure. Or you want something the best of all. Simply go and write in our search bar and get what the quality service you need. There is no such real estate management consultant services that we don’t offer. Whether it’s a property management consulting services or construction consulting services. We cover all for you.

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I selected Buneyad.com because of their reputation among other real estate companies. I am very much satisfied with their services and specially after-sale services. Highly appreciated best of luck

Ameer Anjum Manager

Buneyad.com is having very qualified agents having a good knowledge of market and helped me in selling my property quicker and got good price. Thank you Buneyad.com

Kamran Accountant

As I am overseas client of Buneyad.com they always keep my update from their Vlogs and project picture I always get update through them. Good Job

Tahir Rizvi Manager
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Best Response Time

We deliver quality property management consulting services at best response time to fulfill the promises. Moreover, we never forget to impress our potential buyers by a promising exposure to property. Because we know that Dream does not wait for Eternity!
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Highly Trained Professionals

Buneyad.com is proud to deliver the Pure Quality. Just because we have the bestHighly Trained real estate management consultantin the industry with years of Proven Tracks. They never let us down in any field of building services engineering.
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Top Deals

Providing the amazing all set go deals for clients. If you ready to Sell, Buy or Browse? So, come to buneyad, we have the classy deals and set of packages that fits best with your requirements and desires.
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Secure Investments

Searching for one stop solution? So, you are at right place at right time. Because we are among those construction project management companies providing the best choice and location. So, now hunt your next ideal real estate investment opportunity with buneyad.com.
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Pre-Sale Services

Buneyad.com promises the reliable and 100% transparent pre sales services that include:

  1. Deep insight of the development and sales.
  2. Real estate management consultant helping you select and find right properties.
  3. Visual tours and on site briefing in person or through live videos.
  4. For buyers our influence will get you better bargain and transparent transaction.
  5. For sellers we offer a professional assessment and fetch the best price for your plots.
After-Sale Services

We will never left you alone. Even though our property management consulting services will always go one step ahead to serve your needs. Most notable of our services include:

  1. Monthly progress report through pictures and videos right in your email or on our website.
  2. We keep vigilant eye on developer’s progress and notify you ASAP if we observe any deficit.
  3. 100% accurate and authentic assessment of your property at all times.
  4. We will help you maximize profits by suggesting you the best advice of to sell high at the right time.
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Building Construction Materials Price List In Pakistan 2020 Rates

Knowing the needs of the building and Construction project management companies material, we have the price list of Pakistan 2020 rates.Its also a part of our property management consulting services. So if you are thinking to build your own house or any building then you need to aware of the price. Therefore our real estate management consultant made it easy for you and have the all sum up under one umbrella. So if you want to know about the price list of construction material in Pakistan, just scroll down and get to know the latest price list in no time.


We know that choosing the right construction material &building services engineering for a building is important. in this many factors play their role including aesthetic appeal, material availability, initial and maintenance cost and durability. Let’s take a look at the most commonly-used natural and synthetic construction materials in Pakistan.


One of the most common types of metals used for construction purposes in Pakistan is steel. It's the choice of real estate management consultant. Steel is mostly used in a structural framework of a building such as a pillar, beam and roof constructions. To protect structural foundations from moisture and rust, builders use stainless steel containing some percentage of chromium, which makes it resistant to corrosion.


Sand plays a key role in construction. When mixed with soil, it helps to lay strong foundations for buildings of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, it is also used in mortar, which is a mixture of water, cement and sand. It also acts as a highly important component in the making of concrete.
Sand that is used for construction needs to be free from alkaline salt because it may potentially damage the masonry work in a building.


Cement is one of the most important construction materials used by building services engineering in Pakistan. It is used for structural purposes and serves as a binding agent for other building materials like bricks, tiles and concrete blocks. Cement is available in a variety of types among which the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Natural Cement
  • Blast Furnace Cement
  • Portland Cement
  • Quick Setting Cement
  • Coloured Cement
  • Rapid Hardening Cement
  • Sulphate Resisting Cement (SRC)
  • White Portland Cement
  • High Alumina Cement

Wood is a widely-used construction material since it is hygroscopic in nature, which means it absorbs moisture in the air to maintain a pleasant environment indoors. In Pakistan, wood is used to construct walls, doors and windows. Moreover, it is also used for roofing purposes in certain regions, mostly in northern areas of the country.

Clay bricks are a staple when it comes to building materials used in Pakistan. The clay generally consists of silica and alumina mixed with magnesia and iron in varying amounts. Bricks are used in making walls, pavements and other types of masonry work in a building. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of bricks as a key construction material is that it is purely inorganic and absorbs humidity better than all the other types of materials. It also minimises the risk of dust mites and mildew in a building.